Hamilton Thorne's new Lykos assisted clinical reproductive laser system has received CE mark approval.

The Lykos laser system is designed for use in intricate clinical procedures such as laser-assisted hatching, trophectoderm biopsy and blastomere biopsy.

Hamilton Thorne chief technology officer Diarmaid Douglas-Hamilton said, "Our clinical lasers are precise tools that offer significant advantages to clinicians during procedures such as trophectoderm biopsy, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) and laser-assisted hatching."

Hamilton Thorne president and chief executive officer David Wolf said, "Since its launch, the new LYKOS laser system has had very strong sales in other regions around the world and now with full commercial European availability, we are confident that the LYKOS will generate similar demand in the EEA."

Hamilton said its Multi-Pulse software, which is designed for use with Lykos and ZILOS-tk system for performing trophectoderm biopsy in clinical settings, has recently received the US Food and Drug Administration approval.