Under the agreement, Impact Online is expected to provide Consorta member hospitals with the ability to access information related to their blood supply operations to better measure hospital blood use and clinical outcomes on a regular basis. The agreement is effective from August 1, 2010.

Impact Online is a blood management business intelligence portal that converts individual, disparate data points into actionable information. Through a secure, web-based interface, hospitals can track their blood use and subsequent clinical outcomes, encouraging the development of best practices helping organizations achieve optimal blood management.

Haemonetics said that Impact Online provides users with a localized, efficient form of performance management, by serving as an integrated repository for blood management data. It also provides the capability for users to benchmark against other institutions and view data at the institution, department, service line and physician levels.

Brian Concannon, president and CEO of Haemonetics, said: “We are extremely pleased to enter into this agreement with Consorta. Impact Online is the key component of an advanced approach to blood management, automating and expediting the review of a hospital’s blood management practices via a business intelligence portal to directly and positively improve the standard of patient care while reducing expenses related to the use of blood.”

Darrel Weatherford, president and CEO of Consorta, said: “Our new relationship with Haemonetics has the potential to greatly benefit the practice of blood management for all our hospital members.

“We believe the efficiencies and insights provided by the Impact Online blood management intelligence portal will positively affect the optimization of blood management, both by physicians responsible for improved patient care as well as by administrators who can access the data for ongoing process improvements and utilization planning.”