GuildNet, a managed long-term care program that offers a community-based alternative to facility-based long-term care, has decided to make American Medical Alert Corp's (AMAC) MedSmart Medication Management System available to its members.

The MedSmart System organises, reminds and dispenses the correct pills at the correct time from 1 to 6 times per day ensuring safe and appropriate medication use.

Using a two-way communication modem, MedSmart uploads device and dispensing information on a daily basis to a secure, web portal for access by authorized individuals.

According to the companies, if a dose is missed or medications are low, the system will promptly notify designated caregivers via text, voice or email message, allowing for early intervention and timely tray refill.

GuildNet executive vice president Wanda Figueroa-Kilroy said their members and their families report a great deal of satisfaction with the device and saw evidence that the reminders helped to ensure medication compliance.

AMAC executive vice president Frederic Siegel said they are very pleased with the results of the pilot and excited that GuildNet has decided to make MedSmart an integral part of their medication compliance program.

"With MedSmart, we are not only simplifying complex drug regimens, but putting providers and caregivers in the driver’s seat to address dosing errors and ensure timely refill," Siegel said.