Allows doctors to treat tumors without invasive surgery

Ulthera, a spinoff of Guided Therapy Systems of Mesa, has developed a new ultrasound device to treat tumors without invasive surgery. Initially, the device will be used for cosmetic purpose, reported

Ulthera received FDA approval to market the device for cosmetic facial treatment, in September.

Guided Therapy said that through this device, the doctors can see and treat tissues without using the traditional surgery.

Michael Slayton, founder and chairman of Guided Therapy Systems and Ulthera, said: “The idea is I can push a button and use concentrated energy to destroy tissue. In other words, it is a non-invasive scalpel.”

Reportedly, Ulthera has initiated the selling of the device to plastic surgeons and dermatologists for facial tightening and eyebrow lifts.

Brian O’ Connor, president and chief operating officer of Guided Therapy, said: “This is the first technology that the agency (FDA) has determined to be safe,” quoted