The product is based on Labtec’s proprietary LabiPatch platform technology. It is suitable for the application of patches on the delicate surface of the lip. Encompassing patches with and without active ingredients, the LabiPatch technology is designed to promote the healing process by maintaining a moist and optimal healing environment.

Ingo Lehrke, managing director of Labtec, said: “In GlaxoSmithKline we have found an outstanding development and marketing partner for our innovative patch technology. We are confident that this partnership will deliver improved therapy options for a multitude of patients suffering from cold sores.”

Labtec is a developer of the trans-dermal and topical patch arena, with fast dissolving oral films in Europe. In 2008, Labtec became a wholly owned subsidiary of tesa SE and represents tesa’s pharmaceutical business. In 2009, Labtec started operations at a new 3,000 m² GMP manufacturing site for patches and oral films. tesa and Labtec are members of the Beiersdorf group of companies.