Medical technologies developer Stryker has launched its Gamma4 Hip Fracture Nailing System across most of the markets in Europe.

Gamma4, which is the latest Gamma system, offers surgeons the next generation of Stryker’s intramedullary nailing system.

The US-based company has designed the hip fracture nailing system for treating hip and femur fractures and optimise procedural workflows for surgeons.

In addition, it is intended to treat stable and unstable fractures in the intracapsular, subtrochanteric, trochanteric, and shaft sections of the femur, including osteoporotic and osteopenic bone.

The Gamma4 Hip Fracture Nailing System can also be used for the stabilisation of bones and correction of bone deformities in these areas, the medical technologies developer said.

It secured the CE certification in Europe in September last year. In January, the system was upgraded with the addition of an intermediate nail and other features.

The hip fracture nailing system has a new redefined nail design, engineered using Stryker’s SOMA database of more than 34,000 3D bone models created from computed tomography (CT) scans.

The design incorporates a chamfered distal tip with a pre-inserted set screw and a length-dependent radius of curvature (RoC) for long nails.

Additionally, it is said to have a 5mm shorter proximal body compared to Gamma3 to offer more anatomical fit and usability.

Gamma4 also features Precision Pin which, according to Stryker, provides more resistance to pull out, and the ability for skiving is lowered by 66% compared to a conventional ∅3.2 K-wire.

Furthermore, the system has an integrated instrument platform that allows Gamma4 and T2Alpha nails to work on the same instrument platform and standardise surgery-based procedures.

Stryker European trauma and extremities division vice president and general manager Markus Ochs said: “The Gamma4 system represents the latest chapter of the Gamma legacy, and we are excited to expand availability to our European customers after a successful launch in the US.

“This latest system demonstrates our commitment to working together with our customers to understand their needs. With evolved features to the trusted Gamma system, we believe the system will help our customers rebuild patient lives.”