WL Gore & Associates (Gore) has received Health Canada approval for its removable GORE Viabil Biliary Endoprosthesis device, designed for the treatment of benign or malignant biliary strictures followed by optional removal up to 12 months after implantation.

The GORE Viabil device is the fully covered, self expanding biliary stent that offers a durable barrier against tumor ingrowth and tissue attachment with anti-migration fin technology, thereby making it ideal for treating benign and malignant strictures in the biliary tree.

The easy-to-use pull-line delivery system allows for a smooth implantation with accuracy while the atraumatic, deformable anti-migration fins minimize the chance for device migration.

Gore said the device replaces the need for multiple procedures with a proven, long-term approach that meets both patient and physician needs.

The GORE Viabil Biliary Endoprosthesis is marketed worldwide by the Gore Medical Products Division and to the gastroenterologist in Canada by ConMed Canada.