W. L. Gore & Associates has announced the Australia and New Zealand launch of an expanded treatment range, including lower profile components for the Gore Excluder AAA endoprosthesis used to treat abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAAs).

The 31mm trunk-ipsilateral component and 32mm aortic extender will be used with an 18 Fr and 17 Fr Gore DrySeal sheath respectively, reduced from 20 Fr.

For the contralateral legs, the reduced profile sizes allow the 12-20mm contralateral leg component to be used with a 12 Fr GORE DrySeal Sheath, the 23mm to be used with a 14 Fr introducer sheath, and the 27mm to be used with a 15 Fr introducer sheath.

In addition, a new large diameter 35mm trunk-ipsilateral leg and 36mm aortic extender components will treat 30-32mm vessel treatment range which expands overall treatment range to 19-32mm. The 35mm trunk-ipsilateral component and 36mm aortic extender will be used with an 18 Fr Gore DrySeal sheath.

No changes have been made to the Gore Excluder device — instead, Gore has implemented an innovative process using ePTFE materials to constrain the device onto the catheter. The lowering of the device profile exemplifies Gore’s commitment to improving patient safety while maintaining ease-of-use for the delivery of the Gore Excluder device.

The Gore Excluder AAA endoprosthesis is an endovascular stent-graft that seals off the aneurysm and creates a new path for blood flow. The device is inserted through a small incision in the patient’s leg using a catheter-based delivery technique.

Once the physician has positioned the graft in the diseased aorta, the Gore C3 delivery system uniquely and intuitively enables repositioning of the stent-graft. The ability to reposition the device may minimize complications that could occur if the graft needs to be moved after the initial deployment.

Gore Aortic business leader Ryan Takeuchi noted the new reduced profile sizing options for the Gore Excluder device offer physicians a wider range of components that will allow them to provide the best possible patient care.

"All of our product enhancements are driven by Gore’s commitment to delivering innovation by design," Takeuchi added.