Golden Valley Development has completed the acquisition of two new companies Digit-Pro and Delaware, each having a licensing agreement to manufacture and market new patented technologies PercuGuard and Cut Stop respectively.

PercuGuard is an FDA-approved protective device marketed to the health care industry, which protects the health care worker from accidental exposure to HIV, hepatitis and other blood-borne pathogens which can occur during the application of hypodermic needle injections into patients.

PercuGuard is a sanitised, disposable, single-use product, which will be launched globally via a marketing campaign to medical boards, government regulators, hospital groups, insurance providers, and other health care product purchasers and participants.

Cut Stop finger guard technology is a version of the PercuGuard technology, which has been modified for the home consumer market and guards the fingers from accidental cutting by knives and other sharp instruments in the home while cooking, cleaning, etc.

In connection with the two acquisitions, management for Golden Valley has resigned and appointed new management personnel in their place.

Golden Valley newly-appointed president and CEO Kevin Sorrels said that they are very excited to take over the business of Golden Valley and add their new patented products.

"We look forward to manufacturing and selling our Cut Stop and PercuGuard products to their respective markets and in so doing generating self-sustaining revenues for the company," Sorrels said.