Glytec has announced the notices of allowance received from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for three patent applications directed toward its eGlycemic Management System or eGMS.

The company is aggressively building a patent portfolio that affords protection of its proprietary diabetes technologies.

The three new allowances will issue as patents over the next 60 days — adding to U.S. Patent 9,233,204 and U.S. Patent 9,171,343 — bringing the total number of patents held by Glytec to five. The company has more than 30 other U.S. and international patent applications pending.

“These additional patents reflect another important set of breakthrough advancements made over the company’s now 11-year history, contributing to more effective care for people living with diabetes,” says Robby Booth, Glytec’s Senior Vice President Research & Development.

“While we’re pleased and proud to be receiving additional patent protection for a broad array of methods and systems, the unprecedented clinical results our clients are achieving stand as the greatest testimony to the uniqueness of Glytec's eGMS.”

The three allowed applications that will soon issue as patents recite, among other things, methods and systems to:

Control blood glucose levels among inpatient and outpatient populations across care settings. This includes: (a) intravenous insulin therapy and transitions to subcutaneous basal or basal-bolus insulin therapy, and (b) the integration of connected devices such as blood glucose meters, insulin pens and infusion pumps.

Utilize smartphone-based interactivity between and on behalf of patients and providers. This includes: (a) prescriber-initiated communication regarding medication adjustments, (b) alerting of healthcare professionals to out-of-range glycemic measurements, (c) database-driven dietary and carbohydrate recommendations, and (d) management of events that affect blood glucose, such as exercise, travel, changes in circadian rhythms, and menstruation.

Mitigate diabetes-related and stress-induced hyperglycemia in hospitalized patients. This includes calculations and recommendations for: (a) optimal insulin infusion rates, (b) appropriate time intervals between blood glucose readings, (c) continuous nutritional insulin infusion, and (d) transitions from intravenous insulin therapy to subcutaneous basal or basal-bolus insulin therapy.

Glytec offers the only patented and FDA-cleared solution for glycemic management that encompasses insulin dosing decision support for: (1) inpatient AND outpatient settings, (2) intravenous AND subcutaneous insulin therapies, (3) adult AND pediatric populations, and (4) patients with AND without diabetes.

Andrew S. Rhinehart, MD, FACP, FACE, CDE, BC-ADM, CDTC, Glytec’s Chief Medical Officer, explains, “For inpatient populations, our eGMS® translates to significant reductions in infections, adverse drug events and other complications, and in turn, significant reductions in length of stay and readmission rates.

“ For outpatient populations, our eGMS® is supporting substantial reductions in A1c levels, which for patients with diabetes is the primary indicator of control and costs, both personal and financial.”