GlobalMedia Group, a telemedicine design, manufacturing and marketing firm based in Scottsdale, Arizona, has signed a distributor agreement with Presto Infosolutions of India, a system integrator and value added distributor in New Delhi.

GlobalMedia claims that its camera, image management, store-and-forward, videoconferencing and video streaming technologies enable pathologists, dermatologists, pediatricians, neurologists, surgeons, pharmacists, forensic MDs, emergency medicine departments and other caregivers to be more effective in providing patient care, and more productive and efficient in managing patient information.

Under the agreement, Presto will handle sales of GlobalMedia’s telemedicine solutions in India.

GlobalMedia Global Sales director Jay Culver said that India has had telemedicine for about 20 years, but more can be done to make medical care accessible to the large numbers of rural villages and Prataps which are groups of villages.

"We believe that GlobalMedia’s innovative technology can help make this happen. GlobalMedia is very fortunate to have Presto represent us here because they know the Indian marketplace and are well-respected," Culver said.