FHIR-enabled, clinical data integration that facilitates the flow of portable virtual health data between health information systems


GlobalMed will unveil enhanced virtual health platform and new delivery systems at HIMSS20 (Credit: VSRao from Pixabay)

GlobalMed, a leading provider of virtual health solutions, today announced that it will showcase integration enhancements to its virtual health platform eNcounter®, introduce a backpack telehealth exam station, and offer a lighter, more affordable exam camera at HIMSS20, March 9-13 in Orlando, FL.

Enhancements to GlobalMed’s eNcounter platform include:

FHIR-enabled, clinical data integration that facilitates the flow of portable virtual health data between health information systems. This allows important evidence to be queried from and stored in any FHIR-compatible system (i.e. EHR, practice management solutions, etc.).

Dynamic Integration Management Service (DIMS) — Facilitates automated sync with FHIR endpoints so that over time, eNcounter is always configured and compatible with an integrated platform.  In doing so, DIMS minimizes the cost of ongoing maintenance, support, and development between integrated health information systems.

“Our customers expect to collect actionable virtual care data directly in their EHR,” said Joel E. Barthelemy, founder and CEO of GlobalMed. “We’ve augmented our existing virtual health platform not only to solve the problem of access to quality, useable data but to also dramatically reduce the cost and inefficiency of healthcare integration that is time consuming, expensive and difficult.”

As data interoperability and usability drive changes in the quality of care delivery, so do smaller and lighter delivery systems. To this end, GlobalMed will also showcase new products that integrate with their eNcounter platform:

A backpack-sized exam station – a lightweight and more space-efficient version of the widely adopted, briefcase-sized, TES (Transportable Exam Station).

The TotalExam® Lite – a feature-rich, lightweight, affordable camera kit with an autofocus unit and otoscope for high definition images and video.

“The market is moving to smaller, lighter devices that offer the same high quality as previous generations but with more features and at a lower price point. The backpack offers an easier way to deliver remote care in the most austere environments without compromising quality or capabilities,” said Michael Harris, GlobalMed’s chief innovation officer. “Our new camera and otoscope were designed with the same idea in mind – to keep the same high definition images and video our customers know while meeting their demand for a more affordable and lighter weight option.”

All products will be exhibited at HIMSS20 booth 6089 in the Orange County Convention Center.

Source: Company Press Release