This agreement enables Bertech to sell The Lung Cancer Test in Canada. With this partnership, The Lung Cancer Test will continue its rapid expansion for use by current and former smokers. The Lung Cancer Test was introduced to the U.S. marketplace in late 2014.

The Lung Cancer Test is recommended for annual screening for Lung Cancer in current and former smokers. The Test has been clinically proven to detect Lung Cancer in its early stages. With early detection comes early treatment and higher survival rates.

Bertech is addressing the need for patient-friendly, accurate and inexpensive diagnostic tests in Canada. They are located in Edmonton, Canada and will utilize partnerships with laboratories throughout Canada to provide the test.

All required Clinical and Validation studies have been completed with excellent results. The Test detects the presence of the required biomarkers that are proven effective in the early detection of lung cancer. The Test is now available in all U.S. states.

The Lung Cancer Test is intended for use in the high-risk patient population, which includes current and former smokers over the age of 50. Global Cancer Diagnostics Inc. announced that The Lung Cancer Test was available for purchase beginning late last year.