Glide Pharma has entered into an agreement with medical device manufacturer Nypro Healthcare to complete the design optimisation of its solid dose injectorm in order to prepare for the scaling up of the production.

Comprising a tiny solid dosage, which can be pushed into the skin with a small, hand-held, spring-powered device, the Glide SDI can be used to inject drugs and vaccines without thr requirement of a needle.

Nypro Healthcare will work with Glide Pharma to ensure the design of the delivery device and its components are optimized in the manufacturing scale up and to ensure that the patient requirements such as self-administration are met.

Glide Pharma CEO Mark Carnegie-Brown said, "This agreement marks a milestone for our Glide SDI device as it will enable us to complete the final phase of development prior to production scale up."

Nypro Healthcare Business Development VP Chris Nother said, "The Glide SDI is a highly innovative delivery system, which is very different from other technologies currently on the market."