The global market leader in delivering innovative patient engagement solutions, GetWellNetwork® announced today the availability of new COVID-19 management modules to manage and slow the spread of the virus and impact millions of patients. They are designed to enable patients to effectively monitor their symptoms from home and for providers to triage patients to the right setting of care when and if symptoms escalate. The modules are built into GetWellNetwork’s existing digital solutions suite and are provided at no cost to its client community.

“Today, we have the technology, content and tools to amplify the work of healthcare providers to serve their communities in this time of intense need,” said Michael O’Neil, founder and CEO of GetWellNetwork. “In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, empowering patients with the latest clinical guidelines to self-manage, monitor and quarantine have never been more important.”

The solutions are also available to millions of clinicians that access Cerner Corporation’s healthcare technology daily. This expands on the two companies’ work through the Cerner Consumer Framework to bridge the gap between providers and patients for better consumer engagement and convenient access to health care.

With thousands of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the U.S. continuing to rise daily, hospitals and health systems are working tirelessly to care for patients and their clinicians, while limiting the spread of the disease. Since launching the COVID-19 modules on March 19, GetWellNetwork clients, including LifeBridge Health, Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin health network, OSF Healthcare, have already deployed the new modules across their systems. In addition, Cerner is providing its clients with GetWellNetwork’s COVID-19 solutions to help clinicians across the country continue to treat patients and protect the health of their communities.

“As a leading global healthcare technology company, Cerner has an important responsibility to protect the health and safety of our clients around the globe, their patients and the well-being of their communities,” said David Bradshaw, senior vice president, consumer and employer solutions, Cerner. “GetWellNetwork’s COVID-19 modules will help expand the reach of our provider community and make it possible for clinicians to remotely monitor patients at this critical time.”

GetWellNetwork’s new COVID-19 management modules are designed to help patients track symptoms at home and communicate with care teams as they self-monitor or self-quarantine. The tools also help healthcare providers streamline outreach and education to large numbers of patients, monitor symptoms and triage patients to the right setting of care when needed. The innovative set of tools will play a critical role in scaling information sharing, reducing anxiety, providing guidance and easing the burden for hospital and health system care teams.

“We appreciate how quickly GetWellNetwork has developed and deployed these new modules, and they have truly become a key piece of the work we are doing at LifeBridge to manage COVID-19 and best help the individuals and communities we serve,” said Daniel J. Durand, M.D., chief innovation officer, LifeBridge Health.

GetWell Loop™ enables clinical teams to remotely monitor patients with COVID-19 symptoms safely at home by sending CDC-validated information, at the right time, at scale. With the new COVID-19 digital care plans, which have already launched across the country, patients receive credible information to help them better understand how to self-manage and self-monitor their specific symptoms. GetWell Loop notifies their care teams when a patient’s clinical status has escalated to a point requiring direct intervention.

GetWell Inpatient™ allows hospitals to scale communication efforts using systemwide video- or text-based broadcasts. These messages can help counter misinformation with accurate and consistent guidance using educational health content, prescriptive pathways and links to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or World Health Organization resources specific to COVID-19. The omnichannel solution also allows clinicians to consult with other medical professionals and to communicate with quarantined patients via in-room video conferencing capabilities regardless of their location and for quarantined patients to video conference with their loved ones; and direct patients to in-room on-demand services like meal ordering and pharmacy requests, to minimize staff exposure and to free up overburdened staff to prioritize clinical needs during this crisis.

“We are grateful for the innovation and partnership of our clinical collaborators in making this happen, and energized by our team’s tireless effort to mobilize quickly. This is our very best work, and we are ready to help immediately,” added O’Neil.

Source: Company Press Release