Gentel Biosciences, a provider of proteomics profiling devices, has introduced 13 APiX human tumor profiling kits, tissue-lysate (reverse-phase) protein arrays and chromogenic-based detection reagents, suitable for the testing of putative protein biomarkers in over 13 cancer subtypes.

The new kits combine Gentel’s APiX chromogenic detection technology and protein biotechnologies, large collection of ready-to-use, clinically-defined, pathology-validated normal and diseased human tissue collection for the study of protein expression differences in patient sample sets.

Gentel said that each kit is configured for use with the company’s Proteomics Multi-System and AthenaQuant analysis software for an easy-to-use and cost-effective alternative to fluorescent and chemiluminescent-based detection.

Gentel president and CEO Alex Vodenlich said that this product launch continues to expand the portfolio of APiX kits to include clinically relevant tissue lysate arrays and they are responding to the market’s need for technologies that enable rapid screening of patient specimens for the abundance of potential protein biomarkers.

“This ability has broad applications in biological and biomedical research and is ideally suited for screening known and novel cancer-related protein biomarkers,” Vodenlich said.

“The product line is relevant for use in testing cancer-research hypotheses with a large number of well characterized clinical-case samples, as statistical significance confirmation is a key validation step in late stage in vitro studies.”