Gentel Biosciences, Inc. announced the availability of its APiX Chromogenic Protein Array System to the global research community. Composed of a user friendly scanner with optional analysis software, proprietary surface chemistry substrates, and licensed detection reagents, it offers an affordable and ultra-sensitive alternative to current fluorescent protein microarray platforms.

This launch is a landmark for Gentel,” said Daniel Clutter, Ph.D., Vice President of Commercial Development. “These technologies have been in-house for our custom services business, and now we are introducing the innovation as products that will appeal to researchers around the globe.

The APiX system offers flexibility and functionality to scientists who print their own arrays as well as scientists who wish to buy ready-to-use arrays and kits. The simple, rapid-analysis platform can be used to support multiplexed ELISA (semi-quantitative) and miniaturized western blot (profiling) applications.

“Over the next few months our team will launch several new APiX-based applications in the areas covering animal diagnostics, pathway analysis, cancer research, and biomarker discovery, screening, and validation, said Alex Vodenlich, Gentel’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “These are important steps toward our long-term strategy to be the dominant protein microarray company and the platform of choice for diagnostic and clinical research.”