As per the deal, Caris will deploy GenoSpace’s population analytics offerings to leverage key insights from the firm’s tumor profiling service, Caris Molecular Intelligence.

In addition, GenoSpace will support with its architecture expertise to unlock key treatment insights from the Caris Registry, a database of clinicopathologic and outcome variables from consenting patients, whose tumors underwent multi-technology profiling by Caris.

Caris Life Sciences chairman and CEO David Halbert said the collaboration demonstrates to advancing and improving cancer care through intelligent, targeted and patient-centric research.

"Building on our industry-leading informatics capabilities, our partnership with a company like GenoSpace further establishes our leadership position in providing the highest quality and most clinically actionable tumor profiling information available to physicians and patients today," Halbert added.

Caris’ tumor profiling databases include multiple assay technologies performed in combination to achieve comprehensive molecular profile of a tumor.

GenoSpace, which is a medicine software company, developed a comprehensive suite of offerings for securely storing vast amounts of genomic and health data.