GE Healthcare announced the 500th order of its Signa HDe 1.5T magnetic resonance imaging scanner (MRI) at the Summit Orthopedic Associates in St. Paul, MN. The Signa HDe 1.5T system is built on GE’s exclusive high-definition (HD) MR platform with a 20 percent smaller footprint than a typical 1.5T system, allowing it to be installed in the same physical location as low field (0.5T and 0.2T) MR systems with low operating and siting costs. By employing efficient gradients and an innovative water-cooling technology, the GE Signa HDe 1.5T uses approximately 41% less energy than GE’s previous generation MRI systems while still allowing the MRI system to achieve outstanding image quality. “We chose the Signa HDe because we believe it to be a great fit for our needs,” Lisa Lavin, Chief Operating Officer at Summit Orthopedics. “The orthopedic 8-channel imaging capability is impressive and it’s low cost of ownership and energy savings is also appealing. We look forward to the unit's installation later this year.” In 2008, GE announced its Signa HDe system as the first medical imaging product from GE Healthcare to be recognized as an ecomagination offering after completing the company's rigorous internal environmental and operational evaluation, recognizing it as one of the most energy efficient 1.5T MRI systems commercially available. Ecomagination is GE’s commitment to imagine and build innovative technologies that help customers address their environmental and financial needs, such as the need for cleaner, more efficient sources of energy. The Signa HDe 1.5T was recognized as an ecomagination product on the basis of energy savings, as well as operating benefits. Compared to the average 1.5T MRI system, the GE Signa HDe 1.5T is designed to use over 20 percent less space, increasing sitting flexibility. In addition, it was the official MRI scanner at the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Bejing, scanning nearly 700 athletes. “GE’s focus is to provide the highest quality products to patients and our customers worldwide and the Signa HDe is a reflection of our commitment to producing quality, energy-efficient technologies,” said Jim Davis, vice president and general manager of GE Healthcare’s global MRI business.