GE Healthcare claims that Discovery IQ PET/CT is 40% more affordable than currently available PET/CTs.

Under three years of close collaborative development with Indian nuclear medicine physicians and oncologists, GE Healthcare has developed the new Discovery IQ PET/CT molecular imaging system. The company has invested INR900m ($15m) to develop the system.

The Discovery IQ PET/CT incorporates advanced early disease detection capabilities as well as measurements to understand patient’s response to cancer treatment.

GE Healthcare, with the support of several Indian entrepreneurs over the past few years, built a robust network of cyclotrons to halve the investment required to set up a molecular imaging centre.

The Discovery IQ is built on a platform that is upgradable on site to meet the increasing demands of a hospital. It is scalable to fit the needs of the many Indian healthcare providers.

The Discovery IQ system features Q.Clear technology, which can provide up to two times improvement in PET quantitative accuracy (SUVmean) and up to two times improvement in image quality (signal-to-noise ratio).

According to GE Healthcare, the reconstruction technology shows the advantage of full convergence PET imaging without any compromise between quantitation and image quality.

GE Healthcare South Asia Oncology director N R Balamurugan noted that with affordable Discovery IQ PET/CT from the company, PET/CT can become an integral part of cancer care management for every cancer centers in India.

"Clinicians will now have ready access to tools that will allow evidence based and cost effective treatment. Together with our customers, we are focused on improving access, quality and affordable cancer care for the patient," Balamurugan added.