GE Healthcare is set to unveil latest technologies like Discovery NM630, Optima PECT/CT 560, Adaptive Statistical Iterative Reconstruction (ASiR) and PET/CT+MR, FASTlab to help clinicians provide better health for people.

The Discovery NM630, with its large 28 (70cm) wide bore and table capable of handling patients up to 500lbs, is engineered to help accommodate more patients than previous generation GE nuclear medicine systems.

Elite NXT detector is advanced detector of Discovery NM630 which is designed to offer SPECT resolution and contrast for image quality, all to help clinicians diagnose patients earlier.

The Discovery NM630 is 510(k) pending at the US Food and Drug Administration.

GE Healthcare’s Optima PET/CT 560 is a scanner designed to address the demands of today’s healthcare environment.

It includes advanced VUE Point HD intelligent 3D iterative reconstruction technique to enhance resolution for image quality that can help enable clinicians to detect small lesions and increase quantitative accuracy.

The company’s Adaptive Statistical Iterative Reconstruction (ASiR) is now available on Discovery NM/CT 670, Discovery PET/CT 600 and Discovery PET/CT 690, to help clinicians have the same image quality while reducing dose to their patients.

GE Healthcare’s PET/CT+MR imaging solution allows customers to use each system (PET/CT and MR) independently for clinical imaging while also providing the right technology to enable their advanced PET/CT+MR investigations.

GE Healthcare PET/CT business general manager Vivek Bhatt said their approach to PET/CT+MR is to harness the power of two proven technologies to provide researchers theclinical information they expect and are accustomed to receiving.

GE Healthcare has expanded its FASTlab Multi-Tracer Platform by introducing cassette based tracer production to FDG citrate formulation, FMISO, FLT.

Expanding upon its Radiopharmacy platform, GE Healthcare is introducing new tracers to the FASTlab multi-tracer platform, an advanced PET chemistry system on which the company is also developing PET proprietary agents.

FASTlab users can access and produce FDG phosphate formulation, NaF, FMISO (HPLC free), FLT (HPLC free) and FDG citrate formulation (equivalent to TRACERlab MX standard formulation) on the same FASTlab platform.