Invenia ABUS is a comfortable, non-ionizing alternative to other supplemental screening options for women with dense breast tissue.

According to GE Healthcare, the Invenia ABUS has been proven to help clinicians find 35.7% more cancers in women with dense breasts than mammograms alone.

The Invenia ABUS acquisition process uses 3D ultrasound technology to comfortably and quickly image women with dense breast tissue. Each exam takes approximately 15 minutes.

The patented Reverse Curve transducer of Invenia ABUS offers great image performance, enhanced breast coverage and patient comfort. The system’s transducer design conforms to a woman’s anatomy.

Invenia ABUS uses Compression Assist, a feature which automatically applies light levels of compression to the breast for patient comfort, operator ease and image acquisition quality.

GE Healthcare has announced the first Invenia ABUS installations at Fairfax Radiological Consultants and Phelps Memorial Hospital Center.

The company, following on the initial Fairfax and Phelps Memorial Hospital Center launches, plans to launch the Invenia ABUS nationwide in 2014, with health providers across the country.