The Israeli working group has synthesised and patented a peptide matrix (a special protein structure) which can be used to significantly speed up the process of bone regeneration. However, the protein matrix needs to be combined with a suitable carrier material to achieve its full potential.

As a partner of BGU, curasan AG will now develop and produce a bioceramic optimised for this purpose. This new material should retain the characteristics required for the growth of bone matter that were provided by the previously available purely inorganic, absorbable materials.

“The funding that has been allocated will help us to develop a generation of products with an active mechanism”, explains Dr. Fabian Peters, Head of Research and Development of Biomaterials at curasan.

The aim of the research partnership is to create a special bioactive product which, when combined with organic substances, will support the body’s own healing processes and enable optimal bone regeneration. curasan AG will have the rights of sale.

curasan is a Germany-based regenerative medicine company engaged in bone and tissue regeneration.