GE Healthcare‘s Alcyone technology combines CZT detectors, focused pin-hole collimation, 3D reconstruction, and stationary data acquisition to reduce acquisition time and dose, improve workflow while maintaining image quality.

Alcyone technology enables views of cardiac anatomy and functionality with greater clarity and speed, resulting in scan times as short as three minutes or up to a four-fold reduction in dose.

GE Healthcare Nuclear Medicine general manager Nathan Hermony said through the acquisition of OMS, they have passed an important milestone in the growth of GE Healthcare’s Nuclear Medicine business.

"Our ability to manufacture CZT, a key component of GE Healthcare’s Alcyone technology, will help clinicians around the world provide patients with faster and more comfortable examinations at lower dose, improve workflow while maintaining image quality," Hermony said.

"We’ve entered a new frontier of possibilities in nuclear medicine as we CZT technology not only in cardiac exams, but apply it to other critical areas such the early detection of breast cancer."