Fusion will provide Unisys solutions to enterprises in the US with an initial focus on healthcare through its exclusive agreement to provide communications and cloud services to the members of nation-wide group purchasing organization.

Initially, Fusion will focus on the Unisys Stealth Solution Suite of cybersecurity software to help organizations address the growingchallenge of cybersecurity attacks and hacker incidents.
Fusion chief executive officer Matthew Rosen said never before has it been more important for enterprises to take serious, comprehensive steps to secure their data from pernicious hacking and malware attacks.

"We recognize the tremendous value of a solution that delivers the highest level of defense grade security, allowing users to securely work anywhere, on laptops or other portable media, while remaining concealed, even on the open Internet," Rosen added.

"Identity-based and deployed without change to web-enabled applications or infrastructure, Unisys Stealth can provide cost efficiencies while helping to safeguard customer data to deliver unprecedented security and peace of mind."

Unisys chief technology officer Fred Dillman said the company is looking forward to provide the Unisys Stealth Solution Suite to healthcare providers and other organizations where data protection is crucial.

"This innovative cybersecurity technology can help address users’ growing challenges related to data security and regulatory compliance without forcing them to make changes to firewalls and network technology that could disrupt business operations," Dillman added.