The implantable device looks similar to a pacemaker and is implanted via a simple minimally invasive procedure.

Following the implantation, the device detects when a person eats or drinks, and sends low level electrical impulses to the stomach.

The stimulation is designed to help individuals feel full before the stomach is actually full, enabling them to reduce the food intake.

In addition, the system automatically records when a patient eats, drinks, and exercises, and using a wireless connection, this data can be viewed by the patients and physicians.

Access to the information allows physician and patients to analyse patient behaviours and develop effective strategies for weight loss.

IntraPace president and CEO Chuck Brynelsen said CE mark for the abiliti system is a major milestone for IntraPace that enables them to begin their commercialization strategy in Europe.

"Initially, the abiliti system will be offered through specialist clinics, starting in the UK, Spain, and Germany," Brynelsen said.

"The abiliti system provides a patient-friendly solution that we believe many people considering weight loss surgery will find attractive."