Fujifilm Medical Systems has received FDA clearance for its FDR D-EVO, through which the conversion of existing analog x-ray rooms to digital is made conveniently with its retrofit that enables facilities to insert the DR detector directly into the existing x-ray table or wall stand without modification.

Fujifilm claimed that FDR D-EVO is ideal for any clinical environment, from hospitals to imaging centers to private practices. At six pounds, the 14″ x 17″ cassette-sized detector is the lightest-weight of its kind, and provides portability to address lateral or other cassette-based exams as needed; it can even be used as a complement in existing DR rooms such as for cross-table exams.

The flexibility also makes the FDR D-EVO ideal for areas where immediate access to high quality x-ray images is crucial, like the operating room or emergency department.

FDR D-EVO uses Fujifilm’s patented Irradiation Side Sampling (ISS), a technology that improves detective quantum efficiency (DQE). As a result, it produces images with enhanced sharpness and reduced noise for increased diagnostic confidence.

Rob Fabrizio, senior marketing manager of imaging systems at Fujifilm, said: “With FDR D-EVO, everyone benefits from the smart and easy transition to DR. Technologists appreciate the light-weight design, simplified workflow and speed of image acquisition; clinicians recognize its exceptional image quality; and patients benefit from a faster, more comfortable exam.”