Fujilfilm Medical Systems U.S.A is set to launch next generation automatic positioning digital radiographic X-ray room system, FDR Visionary Suite.


The company will introduce the new system at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago, which will be held from 29 November to 4 December.

FDR Visionary Suite was developed to enhance imaging workflow and improve diagnostic capabilities. It enables technologists to focus on patient’s position, safety and comfort.

Fujilfilm Medical Systems digital x-ray and women’s health marketing and product development director Rob Fabrizio said: "Fujifilm is truly making a difference in advancing digital radiography performance.

"Every feature of the FDR Visionary Suite is designed to help eliminate repeats, streamline exams and improve patient care by providing consistency and accuracy in equipment positioning, preferred dose optimized techniques and intelligent processing for every exam."

The system features advanced imaging applications such as automated long length imaging, dual energy subtraction (DES), and tomosynthesis.

Automated long length stitching capability allows technologist to acquire DR images for whole spine and long leg imaging up to 63" view within nine seconds.

The tomosynthesis application can produce up to 60 image slices within 12 seconds from a single sweep of the x-ray tube.

FDR’s dual energy subtraction will acquire two rapid exposures at different energy levels to produce three images, including traditional, soft tissue and bone views.

It is scalable and can be configured with the firm’s existing FDR D-EVO detectors, as well as new detector FDR D-EVO Advance.

Image: Fujifilm’s FDR Visionary Suite. Photo: courtesy of Business Wire.