Fujifilm Europe has introduced its new Eluxeo endoscopy system, which will enable endoscopists use image-enhanced endoscopy offering superior visualization and differentiation of mucosal surfaces and vessel structures within the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

The system features Fujifilm’s 4-LED Multi Light technology, which integrates different wavelengths and the specific application of intensified light spectra created by the integrated light source.

It will allow healthcare professionals to easily switch between the three imaging modes white light, blue light imaging (BLI) and linked colour imaging (LCI).

With the support of new G7 grip, the Eluxeo system provides effective navigation through the GI tract.

Fujifilm endoscopy systems division marketing manager Nadja Scheuringer said: “The BLI-equipped Eluxeo system and its outstanding 4-LED Multi Light technology was developed in cooperation with healthcare experts to achieve optimal results when choosing imaging modes such as BLI.

“The new endoscopy series was built on Fujifilm’s heritage and long-standing expertise in medical imaging and underlines our commitment of being a trusted partner for healthcare professionals in hospitals, clinics and private practices.”

The company is currently marketing the new Eluxeo system in key European markets.

Fujifilm has exhibited the new endoscopy system at the UEG Week 2016 in Vienna, Austria.

With around 50 group companies in Europe, Fujifilm provides services to a range of industries such as medical, life science, graphic arts, electronic materials, chemical, optics, recording media, motion picture, and photographic technologies.

Image: Fujifilm’s new Eluxeo endoscopy system features advanced 4-LED Multi Light technology. Photo: courtesy of FUJIFILM Corporation.