The alfapump system is an automated and fully implantable pump system to manage ascites, which is a frequent complication of late-stage liver disease and certain cancers.

Sequana Medical CEO Dr Noel Johnson said: "Fresenius Medical has made a commitment to the alfapump therapy and will now leverage their distribution and marketing capabilities to accelerate its adoption and usage throughout the targeted markets."

As part of the deal, Fresenius will distribute the alfapump system across Europe, the Middle East and Africa markets, including countries such as Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and Poland.

In addition, Fresenius will involve in collaborative market development and reimbursement programmes in these markets.

Fresenius Medical Care Central Europe and Northern Europe executive president Gunther Klotz said: "The alfapump is a unique innovation that both improves the quality of healthcare and reduces the cost and burden of managing refractory ascites."

The alfapump system is claimed to be the first real alternative to large-volume paracentesis, a lengthy, invasive and painful procedure that needs weekly hospital visits for drainage of excess fluid.

The system prevents the build-up of fluid and its complications, by moving ascites to the bladder, decreasing patient’s hospital visits.

Recently, Sequana Medical introduced its next generation alfapump with DirectLink Technology that helps clinicians to monitor the alfapump remotely. It also started an FDA trial of the alfapump system earlier this month.