Complete Concussion Management (CCMI) has released a new smartphone app, now available worldwide for iOS and Android devices.

In real time, Concussion Tracker captures and shares an athlete’s concussion status with all stakeholders, ensuring everyone is aware when a concussion happens and whether an athlete is, or is not, cleared to get back in the game. The new app supports full recovery and safer return-to-play decisions by enabling seamless communication and collaborative care between sports teams, coaches, schools, parents and healthcare providers.

n a meeting held earlier this year by the Federal Subcommittee on Sports-Related Concussions in Canada, the Concussion Tracker app was discussed as a free, secure tool for athletes, schools, and sports organizations to utilize nation-wide to improve detection, data collection, and compliance with concussion protocols. As the conversation and research surrounding concussion health risks continues to grow around the world, so does the need for real-time concussion tracking and recording.

“Over 71 per cent of the concussion patients we see are under the age of 25 and 57 per cent of these injuries are related to organized sport,” said CCMI President, Dr. Cameron Marshall. “One big issue for sports clubs we work with is multisport athletes – how does the hockey coach know if a player was injured playing football? Or at school? Well this app helps to solve this problem by having immediate notifications sent to all stakeholders from the point of injury to medical clearance.”

When a concussion hits, the Concussion Tracker app:

Walks a coach through a brief injury screen, instructing them on key flags to look for.

Once the injury report is complete, secure notifications are sent to every other sport, team, coach, teacher, and trainer associated with that athlete.

The athlete’s clinical visit information and recovery timeline is recorded directly on the app, enabling constant communication and real-time updates for everyone in the athlete’s circle of care.

Medical clearance letters are scanned and shared on the app, ensuring all stakeholders are aware when an athlete is safe to return as well as providing documentation of this fact for reduced liability.

Source: Company Press Release