Fovia Medical is set to introduce newly expanded High Definition Volume Rendering (HDVR) software suite, featuring F.A.S.T. HDVR.


According to the company, OEMs can leverage CPU-based F.A.S.T. HDVR to enhance their visualization rapidly and cost-effectively.

The new OEM product suite comprises F.A.S.T. HDVR Web, F.A.S.T. HDVR Vision, F.A.S.T. HDVR SDK, F.A.S.T. HDVR RapidPrint, F.A.S.T. HDVR Mobile and .A.S.T. HDVR Web Stereo.

The new product suite facilitates advanced diagnostic applications, custom workflows and high-performance interactive imaging, noted Fovia.

Fovia Medical business development vice-president David Wilkins said: "Incorporating the gold standard in imaging by integrating F.A.S.T. HDVR improves overall product workflows and enhances patient outcomes.

"OEMs are able to maintain the functionality of their existing product line via a F.A.S.T. HDVR integration, and stay in control of their development timeline with bespoke customization, turn-key solutions and multi-dimensional scalability."

The company will showcase the new software at the 100th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America.

Image: Fovia to introduce new HDVR software suite. Photo: courtesy of Fovia Medical, Inc.