NantHealthhas partnered with B. Braun Australia, GE Healthcare and iProcedures to demonstrate data exchange between devices and patient electronic medical records (EMRs).


Image: NantHealth, B. Braun Australia, GE Healthcare, iProcedures partner on data exchange. Photo: Courtesy of Ilya Pavlov/Unsplash.

The demonstration is taking place at the HIMSS Asia Pacific Conference, on November 5-8 in Brisbane, Australia, and illustrates how clinicians can spend less time on documentation and more time analyzing data in near real-time to improve patient outcomes. The companies’ connectivity solutions are featured as part of the HIMSS Interoperability Showcase.

NantHealth’s Connected Care solutions, including its expanded DeviceConX functionality, helps ensure critical information is readily available in EMRs. In a study of more than 500 registered nurses, 60 percent said medical errors could significantly decrease if hospital medical devices were coordinated and interoperable. Live demonstrations and use cases showcased how healthcare organizations can overcome this challenge using real-world examples:

GE Healthcare – Throughout a patient’s surgery, an anesthesiologist is able to leverage advanced clinical tools, note normal trends and steady vital sign flow from GE Healthcare’s fully digital Aisys CS2 anesthesia machine, gas module, and Carescape B850 patient monitor;

Braun Australia – The B. Braun Space Automated Infusion System is designed to support safe intravenous infusion therapy and drug administration throughout the hospital. The Infusomat Space (large volume) and the Perfusor Space (syringe) offers a wide range of delivery modes making them suitable for use in all care areas, including, but not limited to Anaesthetics. Both devices are WiFi capable with bi-directional communication. Infusion and drug delivery data can be sent to NantHealth’s DeviceConX;

NantHealth – DeviceConX can receive live streams of the data from all capable medical devices, and provide Unit of Measure (UoM) conversion and data normalization before sending the data to iProcedures iPro Anesthesia;

iProcedures – Using the iPro Anesthesia mobile device, the anesthesiologist can review and acknowledge before ultimately saving the information to the patient’s EMR.

NantHealth Connectivity Sales vice president Wesley Madden said: “NantHealth is committed to helping healthcare systems overcome fragmentation in the clinical setting that can lead to time-consuming and error-prone data collection.

“This collaboration with B. Braun Australia, GE Healthcare and iProcedures is another example of our continued commitment to making sure healthcare providers have data readily available and free of transcription errors so they can better attend to patient needs. This demonstration illustrates successful interoperability, neutrality, and ease of implementation.”

Source: Company Press Release