Fonon Technologies has introduced new LaserTower family of FDA compliant permanent unique device identification (UDI) marking systems, developed for medical device manufacturers.


The new 3D Laser-based marking and engraving systems can be configured with either a Fiber or CO2 laser with wattage options from 10W to 100W.

Fonon’s LaserTower UDI marking systems will deal with medical device production operations, ranging from stand-alone desktop models to large-volume throughput systems that can easily be integrated into existing production lines.

According to the company, the new marking systems are designed to support all UDI-required medical device materials including highly reflective metals such as aluminum, stainless-steel, nickel and titanium.

The firm’s portable Fiber Laser Hand-Held UDI marking system has been designed to use in applications that are too large to fit into conventional processing chambers.

For these highly reflective metals metals, end-users need to adjust the barcode scanning angle to avoid specular reflection in order to detect the UDI marking.

The barcode scanner receives an optimum irregular reflection resulting in positive detection of the 2D matrix code, by adjusting the angle of incidence in the range of 5 degrees to 30 degrees.

Image: Fonon has introduced new LaserTower marking systems. Photo: courtesy of Fonon Technologies.