Fluxion Biosciences is set to unveil a new BioFlux 1000Z system for live cell imaging.

The BioFlux 1000Z is the latest addition to the BioFlux product family of instruments for cellular analysis under controlled shear flow.

The BioFlux 1000Z provides an integrated solution for running live cell assays under flow using Fluxion’s Well Plate Microfluidic devices and it features a fully-automated imaging workstation built around the Zeiss AxioObserver microscope.

The new modules for the platform include Carl Zeiss’ Definite Focus LED-based autofocus mechanism and PlasDIC module for differential internal contrast imaging.

The 1000Z system is driven by the BioFlux Montage software which ties together all of the hardware components and it features automated scanning routines and analysis solutions for BioFlux microfluidic flow experiments.

Fluxion program director Michael Schwartz said that they are pleased to launch the new addition to the BioFlux product family.

"Carl Zeiss has a reputation for advanced optics and engineering and the combination of Zeiss microscopy hardware with Fluxion’s Well Plate Microfluidic technology provides an advanced solution for cellular research," Schwartz said.