Invision Sally Jobe said that the new, FDA-cleared SBU technology has proven effectiveness in finding small, deadly cancers in dense-breasted women.

According to Invision Sally Jobe, unlike traditional ultrasound, SBU is a computer-aided system equipped with a mechanical arm to aid the technologist in acquiring images of the breast. Advanced software is used to create a video loop of the images for interpretation, giving the radiologist a unique view of the breast.

Even though SBU is FDA cleared, it typically takes three to five years after such FDA clearance for procedure codes and insurance guidelines to be established. A large-scale clinical trial in 2008 demonstrated that the sensitivity of mammography is reduced in women whose tissue density is greater than 50 to 60%.

Invision Sally Jobe said that the SBU procedure takes approximately 45 minutes and requires no breast compression or injections. The exam uses no ionizing radiation, so it is safe to receive frequently, and is also safe for pregnant women. Unlike other breast ultrasound exams, SBU is intended to scan the entire breast, not just specific regions, and is used as a diagnostic tool.

Lora Barke, medical director of the Invision Sally Jobe Breast Network, said: “Screening breast ultrasound is part of our ongoing mission to provide comprehensive breast care to the community and to save lives through early detection.”