The IDA-1S is the latest in infusion device test solutions by Fluke Biomedical in biomedical test equipment. The portable, specialized infusion device analyzer allows for speedy verification of infusion device performance.

The battery-operated device weighs less than three pounds and is the ideal analyzer for quick and reliable one-channel measurements while on-the-go. The device can be operated for up to 10 hours on battery mode.

Fluke Biomedical’s new specialized infusion device analyzer is capable of basic infusion device test measurements including flow rate and volume measurements, and can verify pressure generated in occlusions or blockages of the fluid line.

The device was engineered with sophisticated measurement technology trusted by biomedical professionals around the world and incorporates Hydrograph software. It can test a wide variety of infusion pumps.

According to Fluke Biomedical, the IDA-1S device features an auto-start mode which simplifies syringe pump testing and other tests that have long startup times. On-board memory of the device allows test results to be stored instantly.

Fluke Biomedical marketing manager Dana Ingram noted that the IDA-1S is the perfect complement to the company’s infusion test portfolio.

"Our customers will be pleased to find the reliability and accuracy they know from our legacy analyzers, coupled with a compact, portable design. It’s an infusion test combination we’ve never offered until now," Ingram added.

In 2013, Fluke Biomedical introduced an automated four-channel infusion device analyzer, the IDA-5 infusion device analyzer.