The BioMark HD System is designed for researchers who require the sensitivity and throughput needed to study gene expression down to the single-cell level especially those who have limited amounts of sample or study rare populations of cells.

The System features a number of design changes incorporated to improve performance, lower operating costs and provide an expanded applications suite, in addition to the sizeable throughput advances.

Fluidigm president and CEO Gajus Worthington said the BioMark HD System is designed to provide enhanced data quality, flexibility, and faster time-to-results that collectively allow researchers to analyze their experimental outcomes rapidly and publish their results sooner.

By incorporating a new fast thermal cycling protocol, the BioMark HD System reduces time-to-result by increasing the throughput of the original system two-fold.

The BioMark HD platform continues to support all the applications of the original BioMark System, including gene expression, single-cell gene expression, and genotyping.