Florida Blue and Miami Children's Hospital have teamed-up to offer patients a convenient alternative option to healthcare through telehealth technology offered through HealthSpot.

Florida Blue members will now have access to convenient healthcare services at the company’s Retail Center in Miami, offered through a unique walk-in kiosk.

The HealthSpot station – a private, 8-foot-by-7-foot enclosure outfitted with touchscreens, medical devices and videoconferencing capabilities – enables Miami Children’s medical providers to see and treat adults and children members age two and older. The station is also supported by an on-site accredited medical attendant.

The HealthSpot station has two-way, high-definition video screens, which deliver a unique face-to-face experience between patients and providers. The digital medical devices in each unit – stethoscope, scale, blood pressure cuff, pulse oximeter, thermometer, otoscope and magnascope – stream medical information to the provider and patient.

Florida Blue members can make an appointment or walk into the Retail Center and utilize the HealthSpot station for minor, common conditions and services such as:

Fever, Colds and Flu, Rashes and Skin Conditions, Pinkeye and Styes, Earaches, Sore Throat, Sinus Infections, Upper Respiratory Infections, Seasonal Allergies.

For Florida Blue, this is the latest in a series of initiatives across the state, focused on innovation and collaboration to deliver higher value for its members. As a healthcare leader in Florida, the company is committed to reducing costs and improving access to quality care for its members and for all Floridians. Addressing community health starts at the neighborhood level, and the kiosk is an easy-to-access alternative for those who live and work near the Miami Retail Center which is located across from the Falls in south Miami-Dade.

Miami Children’s Health System in 2013 began reinventing the healthcare experience through creation of MCH Anywhere, the first pediatric telehealth program of its kind in South Florida. MCH Anywhere helps eliminate barriers of time and distance to support families in receiving timely healthcare guidance.

The program is supported by a state-of-the-art Telehealth Command Center, based on the hospital’s main campus, designed by doctors and consumer experts to support review of diagnostic information by board-certified clinicians through sophisticated videoconferencing. In addition, this collaboration with Florida Blue helps MCH expand its telehealth offering to include adult patients.

"Florida Blue believes innovation and collaboration efforts like this are critical to the future of healthcare," said South Florida Market President Penny Shaffer. "We are proud and excited to meet the growing needs of our members, by providing this convenient and affordable option to access care."