FiatLux Imaging said that with Visualize Free, physicians and patients can easily access data from CT, MRI and other medical imaging procedures. FiatLux Imaging has released Visualize Free to begin building a user community and gain valuable user input that will help in the final design and launch of its larger online development project.


The benefits of Visualize Free application include: a fully-featured 2D/3D visualization application providing an easy-to-use means of reformatting and viewing Dicom-compatible imaging data; free to the clinical community; the program is not a trial version or demo and the ability to use it will not expire; cleared by the FDA for clinical use; able to run on any modern Windows-based computer.


FiatLux Imaging claimed that it is useful for medical specialists in treatment planning and patient education; useful for patients in viewing imaging studies at home; helpful to medical researchers in reviewing imaging studies provided as part of ongoing research projects; helpful for medical students and residents studying anatomy, pathology, and reviewing cases; millions of imaging studies are created each year, yet few medical images are ever viewed outside the imaging center or radiology office.


Max Lyon, chief executive officer of FiatLux Imaging, said: “Visualize Free is rapidly becoming an industry standard for advanced visualization. We believe that providing convenient, standardized access to medical imaging analysis tools will allow referring physicians to make better treatment decisions and patients to gain more insight into their medical conditions and treatment options.


“Visualize Free is the company’s first in a planned series of offerings to increase the use, and usefulness, of medical images by providing faster, less expensive and more effective transport, review, analysis, storage and sharing of these images.”