Blue light is scientifically proven to eliminate acne-causing bacteria gently and effectively without harsh side effects.

The technology used two to three minutes, twice a day, cleared breakouts as quickly and effectively as professional blue light treatments as well as the prescription drug therapy, and more effectively than any other OTC option, said the company.

The proprietary design allows the Tria blue light to deliver an effective dose of blue light in much shorter treatment times, and to achieve faster clearance of breakouts.

Robert Grove, CTO of Tria Beauty, said: “This new platform validates TRIA Beauty’s heritage of harnessing technology previously available only in a professional setting so that it is safe and effective for daily at-home use. We believe this technology is far superior to any blue light device currently on the market and are confident consumers will agree.”

Kevin Appelbaum, CEO of Tria Beauty, said: “Our new FDA-cleared technology paves the way for a brand new proposition in the skincare category which will ultimately redefine clear, calm and healthy-looking skin. This strengthens our product portfolio and positions TRIA Beauty for continued growth.”