Pathway Medical said that the Jetstream G3 SF has a smaller size, fixed cutter and longer catheter length which helps for treating blockages below the knee (BTK). The fixed cutter is designed to enhance performance in tortuousity (curves) and better navigation of the device through arteries of the lower leg.

Jetstream G3 SF is said to allow physicians to treat a broader range of PVD patients, including critical limb ischemia and diabetes patients in the BTK population.

Pathway Medical claimed that the Jetstream G3 SF is the only below-the-knee device on the market that offers active aspiration, a feature that continually removes debris from the treatment site.

Paul Buckman, president and CEO of Pathway Medical Technologies, said: “Our ongoing commitment to innovation has helped solidify Pathway’s position as a leader in the PVD market. Through continual expansion and refinement of Jetstream, we are able to reach and help a varied population of PAD sufferers with minimally invasive treatment options, helping them recover and return more quickly to normal, active lives.”