The CartoXpress Software Module and Lasso NAV Catheter are the latest in a series of innovations from Biosense Webster. In recent months, the company has launched its new 3D mapping platform, the Carto 3 System worldwide and the Thermocool SF Catheter in the European Union

The two new innovations provide electrophysiologists who do not have access to the Carto 3 System, a 3D Mapping technology, with increased speed and efficiency in treating cardiac arrhythmias, commonly referred to as irregular heart rhythms.

The combination of the new CartoXpress Software Module and the Lasso NAV Circular Mapping Catheter adds a new level of speed and visualization to the unparalleled accuracy of Biosense Webster’s Carto XP System.

Electrophysiologists can visualise the Lasso Catheter and will be able to utilise the Fast Anatomical Mapping (FAM) feature, that was available on the Biosense Webster’s latest Carto 3 Mapping and Ablation System.

FAM is a technology that rapidly and accurately creates high-resolution, CT-like maps as quickly as an EP can move catheter throughout the cardiac chamber. FAM technology also permits detailed visual enhancement of a specific area of interest within the heart.

All of the enhancements offered by the CartoXpress Software Module and the Lasso NAV Catheter have been developed to streamline and simplify workflow in the EP lab and enhance an electrophysiologist’s ability to diagnose and treat a wide array of simple and complex cardiac arrhythmias.

Shlomi Nachman, worldwide president of Biosense Webster, said: “The Carto 3 System is the most advanced navigation system on the market today, and with the new CartoXpress Software Module and Lasso NAV Catheter, our customers who do not currently have access to the Carto 3 System will also be able to significantly benefit from the advanced features that these new technologies bring.

“The clearance of the two new important products reinforces our long-standing commitment to electrophysiologists and their patients. We have now expanded access to our products’ state of the art treatment capabilities across our entire Carto System installed base.”