According to the company, Quadra is the world’s first and only quadripolar CRT-P with the MultiPoint Pacing option, a technology that enables physicians to pace multiple locations on the left side of the heart.

The Quadra Allure has been developed to work with the Quartet LV lead, which includes four electrodes to offer maximum flexibility for different pacing configurations to help manage heart failure patients.

St. Jude Medical group president Eric Fain said: "The St. Jude Medical quadripolar pacing system has been successfully designed for optimized outcomes, now adding MultiPoint Pacing as an additional set of tools designed to decrease the rate of non-responders and improve clinical outcomes even in difficult to treat patients with ischemic heart disease.

"Building upon the industry’s first quadripolar platform, the MultiPoint Pacing technology is an excellent example of our continued commitment to investing in innovative solutions that reduce health care costs and improve outcomes for patients."

The MultiPoint Pacing capability helps physicians to program simultaneous or sequential delivery of two LV pulses at two different anatomical locations per pacing cycle, rather than the standard single pacing pulse.

St. Jude noted that MultiPoint Pacing is an investigational device and is not commercially available in the US.