Abbott RealTime HBV assay, based on real-time PCR (polymerase chain reaction) technology, is available for molecular diagnostic testing to laboratories that use the Abbott m2000 automated instrument system.

The assay helps in managing chronic HBV infection in patients undergoing anti-viral therapy but not for confirming the presence of HBV infection.

The capability of assay to detect HBV genotypes helps in both monitoring the disease and guiding treatment decisions and the assay also quantifies very low levels and high levels of the viruses helping physicians in assessing the patient’s response to therapy.

Abbott Molecular Diagnostics Business head Stafford Kelly said that the Abbott RealTime HBV assay, which is the first and only automated HBV viral load test approved by the FDA, is an important tool for helping physicians make and adjust treatment decisions for newly diagnosed patients and those taking anti-viral medications.

“The test will also help improve laboratory productivity by automating the most labor intensive steps of HBV testing,” Kelly said.