The company said that 3Di delivers imaging data, reformatting and viewing tools, as well as image processing on demand, via a cloud environment. It eliminates costly 3D image processing workstations, enterprise servers and inconvenient image pre-formatting by technologists, while providing interactive visualisations.

With its cloud-based architecture, 3Di also serves as a clearinghouse for sharing medical imaging studies among hospitals, physicians and patients. Fully secure to support HIPAA compliance, 3Di allows users to upload studies from any location and share them with authorised users, creating a global online medical imaging consultation platform.

The application also provides an image communication engine for electronic and personal health records (EHRs and PHRs). The 3Di advanced visualisation suite includes general multi-modality 3D reformations (MPR, MIP, Volume Rendering and related techniques), cardiac CT analysis, CT calcium scoring (WIP), virtual colonoscopy and PET/CT fusion (WIP).

The complete thin-client 3Di suite operates from the local PC, as the user accesses imaging data stored locally or remotely, and processes, manipulates and views images using the vast computing power of the 3Di cloud network. 3Di takes advantage of available bandwidth and local computing power to optimise performance and speed, said the company.

Naor Shina, CEO of Shina Systems, said: “3Di turns any Internet PC into a full-featured 3D imaging workstation and at the same time provides universal access to medical images to authorised users. The cloud architecture not only makes advanced visualisations affordable, it also facilitates the information sharing so important in the context of current US healthcare.”