Riverain Medical’s OnGuard identifies solitary pulmonary nodules that may represent early-stage lung cancer on an existing chest X-ray. It uses pattern recognition and machine learning technology to detect nodules. Well centered, scaled markers are then placed around regions of interest that may be early-stage lung cancer.

Riverain Medical said that, as OnGuard utilises the existing digital chest X-ray, there is no additional radiation dose, patient procedure, hardware or stand-alone workstation needed to integrate the technology into any radiology department.

Charles White, professor and vice chairman of radiology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, said: “Our published studies demonstrate that OnGuard can detect up to 50% of the lung cancers that were missed in the initial interpretation. OnGuard provides physicians with a tool to help identify suspicious nodules in the lungs earlier.”

Diane Hirakawa, CEO and chairman of Riverain Medical, said: “OnGuard can make a difference in the fight against lung cancer. This technology can improve the detection of lung cancer in its earliest stages when treatments are most effective.”