Addison Care offers new components to an interactive voice platform, to showcase an interactive augmented reality feature for visual sensing and connected home devices.

The virtual caregiving system will recognize patient’s face, carry out a verbal health examination, collect vitals, as well as takes care of a gait and balance session to determine the probability of a ground level fall in a specific patient in clinical setting.

Addison offers medication reminders, verifies medication consumption and provides medical test reminders, monitors vitals and demonstrates rehabilitation exercises in the residential environment.

The virtual caregiving system will also evaluate patient’s progress, mood, fall risk and responses to escalating conditions and emergencies such as contacting responders or caregivers in time of patient requirement.

A network of wireless visual sensors, local artificial intelligence (AI) based processors, interactive tablets, Bluetooth biometric devices and emergency monitoring devices will be structured in a residence for the functioning of the Addison Care system.

Addison Care will be provided and supported by a network of nationwide private duty home care providers. They will also serve as both live caregivers and Addison Care representatives.

G60 Trauma is a specialized care program for trauma patients with more than 60 years of age. G60 Trauma and Electronic Caregiver will assess multiple patients who have had a ground level fall and offers data and information required to develop products and services.

The team from G60 Trauma will carry out a study with over 500 patients to assess the efficiency of Addison Care and Electronic Caregiver on improving patient outcomes, enhancing patient and family satisfaction, as well as decreasing hospital readmission and reducing mortalities.

SameDay Security (SDS), which is also known as the Electronic Caregiver, offers automated home care solutions and safety devices to its customers.

SDS CEO Anthony Dohrmann said: “Our goal is to expand affordable population healthcare to the masses, while lightening the burden on providers and payers.

“We are delivering an exciting new form of technology to patients and the active aging to improve their quality of life and health outcomes.”

Addison Care will be exhibited at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, which is being conducted from 8 to 11 January.