The company’s Nexus DRF Digital X-Ray Imaging System interfaces with various image receptors that include CCD cameras and flat-panel image detectors.

The platform allows to receive, display, process, export, transmit and even print x-ray images of high resolution.

Due to high end image processing algorithms, diagnostic details, which are otherwise tough to be noticed through regular imaging techniques, can also be clearly seen.

The major components of Nexus system include a computer and high resolution monitor, an image detector, and the company’s image processing software. Each Nexus system can process data from several detectors and receptors.

Varian Imaging Products business vice president and general manager Carl LaCasce was quoted by as saying that Nexus DRF Digital X-Ray Imaging System is the firm’s sixth generation image processing platform.

"It’s an updated platform designed to provide our customers with a universal system that addresses both dynamic and static imaging modalities, as well as CCD camera based fluoroscopy.

"By integrating both RF and DR capabilities on the Nexus console, we seek to provide our OEM partners with a standardized platform to optimize workflow and reduce time to market and equipment costs," LaCasce told the website.