The RightEye eye-tracking system has been approved to record, view and analyze eye movements in order to identify visual tracking impairment in patients.

RightEye eye-tracking system, which uses advanced eye-tracking technology and analytics, is said to be the first portable and all-in-one solution for vision-derived health screening, tracking eye movements and correlating them to health issues.

RightEye co-founder and CEO Adam Gross said: “RightEye is committed to providing innovative, proven eye-tracking solutions that empower doctors to differentiate and expand their practices while transforming the lives of their patients through improved health and wellness.

“As we continue to pioneer the field of eye-tracking technology, we’ll advance the science and discover new solutions and applications that will benefit patients and doctors alike.”

The system, which is provided with RightEye EyeQ tests, reports and training tools, can be used in various applications, including functional vision screening, reading assessments, sports vision assessment and training, and brain health.

RightEye functional vision test will enable to rapidly and objectively detect various functional vision issues that affect quality of life and automatically suggests computer-based exercises patients can do at home.

RightEye Reading EyeQ will track reading proficiency in real time and helps to identify hidden vision issues associated with learning difficulties.

RightEye Sports Vision EyeQ will identify opportunities to strengthen performance-related aspects of vision, and Sports Vision Trainer provides personalized exercises to athletes looking to enhance coordination and reaction times.

RightEye Brain Health EyeQ will determine the severity levels of vision skill problems and their impact on brain performance. In addition, it offers computer-based vision exercises to solve oculomotor issues.

Florida’s Clarin Eye Care practicing optometrist Adam Clarin said: “The RightEye system has been an asset to my practice for its ability to help identify conditions that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.”

RightEye provides eye-tracking technology to primary care optometrists, rehabilitation facilities, professional sports teams and the US military.